The Artist' Thing

«To open my eyes, to see, to look, to contemplate the world, to watch clouds and trees, to behold cities and buildings, to look works of art in the eye, to look men in the eye, to see, to look — ever since my childhood this has been my greatest joy.» 

– Jean Arp

Jean Arp, Henri Matisse, and Alexander Calder were three artists from the avant-garde movement of the 1930s -40s.

Their artwork explored innovative possibilities that played with the abstraction of organic shapes and the mastery of the use of colour. The remarkable outcome challenged the traditional understanding of representing reality and it is still present today in many contemporary artists.

The reflection gives birth to The Artist’ Collection. Designed for confident women to challenge convention. The Artist’ Thing is a celebration of colour and pure shapes, a statement of empowerment that calls for freedom.


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